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Budd Baer, Inc.

Washington, PA car dealer Budd Baer Auto standardizes on IGEL endpoint solutions for easy management and value for money

Around five years ago, Budd Baer, Inc. moved away from a traditional desktop PC model adopting virtual desktop and server virtualization using VMware.  This simplified IT management, saved on manpower and introduced a standardized desktop across the company.  Budd Baer, Inc. has now updated its endpoints installing IGEL’s powerful quad core UD6 terminals at its collision center for use by staff such as estimators who work with technicians to create detailed replacement parts lists to repair vehicles after accidents. 

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Budd Baer, Inc.

Budd Baer, Inc. is one of the largest new and used car dealerships in Washington, PA.

Family owned for three generations, Budd Baer, Inc. is an authorized dealership for Buick, GMC, Mazda and Subaru. With a significant $10 million investment program currently underway, it is constructing two new dealership locations to separate its main car brands, adding to its current state-of-the-art facilities. Employing around 150 staff working on five separate sites, its sells around 150 new cars every month, along with 50 used vehicles and services/repairs an additional 2,500 customer vehicles as well. 

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