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Toppan Vintage

Toppan Vintage uses VDI and IGEL endpoints to support growth through strategic acquisitions

Toppan Vintage has made a substantial investment in new virtual desktop and back end IT infrastructure to support business growth through strategic acquisitions. Toppan Vintage standardized on IGEL technology following a demonstration where it saw the capabilities of IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS) software which enables the whole endpoint infrastructure to be centrally managed. 

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Toppan Vintage

Toppan Vintage offers financial printing and communications solutions for publicly traded U.S.-based companies that need to produce shareholder materials.

Toppan Vintage produces shareholder materials like prospectuses, proxy statements and annual reports, to companies that need to submit this information to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Toppan Vintage's cloud-based Hive® SAAS Solutions feature proprietary technology solutions for all financial printing assignments. Services include typesetting, content editing, design, prepress, printing and data conversion to SEC acceptable HTML standards. Headquartered in New York, Toppan Vintage is part of the Toppan Printing Group, based in Tokyo with approximately $14 billion in annual sales.

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